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Things don't always go my way
1980 - Things don't always go my way

Hassle with an ECLAIR NPR Coutant
1982 - What's wrong with this one ?

Assisted by  Producer JJ Counord
1982 - Assisted by Producer  J.J

Luxurious Jib on Elemack Tracks
1982 - It's always fun to be pushed off the ground

Evelyne & DoP Georges Jonesco
1982 - Team's Favorite Actress Evelyne & DoP Georges having a Timeout

Documenting Artist Painter Louis Toffoli
1982 - Documenting the work of Louis Toffoli

Lucien Zazzera, Yves Belluardo on "Joueur de Meloica"
1983 - With Soundman Lucien shooting short in a Forest by Paris

Director of Photography Alexander Gorski with ECLAIR NPR Coutant
1983 - My first Assignement as a DoP

Yves Belluardo making Everyone Happy
1983 - Actor Yves ( we miss you ) always kept the Film Team Happy

Customized Half Blimp on ECLAIR NPR Coutant
1983 - Checking out the Customized ECLAIR

With Georges Bourdelon on first paid job
1983 - Teaming up with another Georges and a PA

1st Assitant to my second ever DoP Georges Bourdelon
1983 - First real Job as Assistant in the German Black Forest

Georges Bourdelon in Action
1983 - My second DoP Georges in Action with his own ECLAIR

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