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Behind a blimped BOLEX 16 EL with Jean Marie Collet, DoP Georges Jonesco and Sound Apprentice Denis Lelouer
1974 - Short Movie & Long Hairs    My first Film behind a soundproof 16mm BOLEX

Testing out the famous ECLAIR "Coutant" NPR
1975 - Getting the feeling for a heavy Camera before the serious work starts

Getting my Hands on a Coutant ECLAIR NPR 16mm
1976 - First Experience as a camera operator with a professional ECLAIR "Coutant"

With Soundman Lucien Zazzera
1976 - Waiting in the cold on dead tracks with Soundman Lucien

Holding on the precious Baby
1976 - Holding on the precious Baby while setting up the "Dolly-Wagon"

Evelyne & me getting the Push
1976 - Getting a little Help from my Friends on this customized Dolly

Evelyne Billon & Director/Producer Maurice Mantez
1977 - Evelyne & Maurice, my first-time Director, presenting our Short Movie

Foire du Trone, Paris France, with the ARRI ST 16mm, Alain Bonhomme and Serge Meynard
1978 - Preparing for Manege Stunt Shots on a Funfair Ride in Paris

Foire du Trone, ARRIFLEX ST checked by Alain Bonhomme
1978 - Director Alain checks out my little ARRI ST

Foire du Trone, Relaxing with the Alga Samuelson Technician
1978 - Exhausted Team gets a Late Night Pause

"Mon Cher Parrain" Short Film, Lucien Zazzera, Evelyne Billon, Serge Meynard and DoP Georges Jonesco
1978 - There's always Time for a Big Smile

Shooting all Handheld with the ECLAIR ACL
1979 - Getting my Hands on the ECLAIR ACL for an all-handheld Movie

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