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Chernobyl, february 2004   shoot :  game one   making of "stalker"

Chernobyl Entrance Checkpoint
Chernobyl Checkpoint to the Forbidden Zone

Chernobyl Reactor in Sight
Chernobyl Reactor in Sight

Highway to Hell
  Framing the Highway to Hell

Chernobyl Reactor Guys
Confronting Unit 4 and the Official Photographer

Protection Needed
In Need for Protection, not only from the Snow

Graveyard Shoot
Dead Machinery for Dead People

Radioactive Graveyard
  Graveyard where only Radiation has a Life

Crazy Team
Team on a Crazy Mission

Pripyat Panorama
Pripyat and the Chernobyl Plant only 3km away

Silent Pripyat
Silent Running in an Empty City

Pravda in Pripiyat   April 26, 1986
Pravda Newspaper dated April 26th 1986

Communist May 1st Parade Posters
Banners & Posters for a Parade in May that would never take place

Andrei Gromyko was Pripiyat's Hero
Andrei Gromyko died later the same year in 1986

Smiling Hard
 Our Guide Rimma saved us form Sadness

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