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e3  shoot game one

Sebring for 4
Driving from Santa Monica to our daily treat of E3 in a little Sebring, Californian Style

provisions for the week
Alex keeps our Provisions for 5 people and 6 long Days of E3

thiouwz & me
Full Gear for the coverage of the Conferences, together with Thiouwz

Alex Julien Tommy
Alex, Julien & Tommy show their best behaviour for the first days of E3

thiouwz on stars
Thiouwz fully packed on the walk of Fame at LA's Hollywood Boulevard

jean marc's big jump
  Our Boss Jean Marc tries the Big Jump behind Julien's Back

in & out lunchtime
The whole Team get's the Best Californian Hamburgers at an "In & Out Burger" in Hollywood

cameraman's treat
This is not a Big Cam, it's Great Junk Food

tommy & julien on tour
Driving Downtown to the LA Convention Center for another Day of E3 Madness

Riding back for the Sunset
The Ride back to Santa Monica on a Sunset Freeway

Fatigue takes over
This is the Moment when Fatigue takes over even the Toughest Stars

motel reunion
A different kind of "Debriefing" Party after a long Day of Walking Shoes

thiouwz & tommy have a late night game
There are so many ways to Relax after a long Day of seeking Video Games.......

tasting the good stuff
Happy few Days with serious Food on the Menu

Alex  & Stephanie on last Day of E3
Alex & Konami's Stephanie meet for a Prep at E3

Thiouwz gets a special Massage
Thiouwz gets a special Treat for his last Day at the Show

end of a shooting day at E3
The End of E3 means swollen Feet and crippled Backs

big cars only for stars
Stretch Limos were only there for the real VIPs around

Mann's Criterion on Santa Monica's 3rd Street
Old Style Cinema on
Santa Monica's 3rd Street

3rd Street by Night
Empty 3rd Street on a Late Nght celebrating the End of the Show

Stephanie Tommy & Cécile
Tommy brings us together with Stephanie and Cécile from Konami France

Dinner on 3rd Street
A nice Dinner Session before many leave the USA for a trip back to France

Julien Tommy & Thiouwz
Before leaving LA, a last refreshing moment at the pool

Marine Layer Weather in Santa Monica
Santa Monica gets a weather condition called "Marine Layer"

San Francisco view on Powell Street
San Francisco, looking down on Powell St and the Cable Cars

San Francisco Union Square
San Francisco's Union Square, on a Sunny First Shooting Day

Oldie on Post Street
A Rare Encounter with Old America on Post St

Cable Car on Powell Street
Famous Cable Car on the Streets of San Francisco

Market Street, San Francisco
Market Street with the ever present iPod Ads

Tommy's View on San Francisco
Tommy gets his Window on the World for the Serious Stuff

Crowne Plaza Hotel Room with a view
The Crowne Plaza has reserved a Nice Room for a Hard Working Team

Oldie on Powell Street
Another Vintage Encounter on Powell St with the Past Glory of Automobiles

Steep Hills of San francisco
Steep Hills of San Francisco

San Francisco's China Town
China Town's Grant Ave with a Little Difference of Culture

Support with a Difference
Not everyone seems OK with that One, read the Small Stuff

Mixed Architecture of San Francisco
American Sense of Mixing Styles in San Francisco

Tommy waiting for our Flight back to Paris
Waiting patiently for our 10 hour Flight, back to Old Europe

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